"Beauty is not caused. It is."
~Emily Dickinson~


Join Riqué who is also a renowned Image Stylist (and whose clients have included Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Dave Matthews, Alan Jackson, and Reba) for a Transformational Journey that shares how "Beauty Is an Inside Job."

Riqué combines Music, Stand Up Comedy, and his extensive background in the Beauty Industry to Share and Show Beauty Simplified.

Simply put it's "Where the Spirit of Beauty meets the Beauty of Spirit".

The program can also be customized for Women's Retreats and Spouses Programs by offering Individual Consultations as well.

"Riqué has been cutting and styling my hair since 1984 and with the exception of a few emergency situations no else has ever put a scissors to it! I've been using his fantastic hair products as I've gone naturally from brunette to silver , and I also rely on his talents as a make up artist and fashion stylist.He has become my dear friend and I know I can trust him to make me look my best in any situation."

~ Emmylou Harris ~

"Beauty is a mirror of our inner resources."
~Riqué ~



"I was privileged to experience Riqué's Beauty Simplified in Orlando recently. It was magical. He blends his powerful, heart-felt songs with his incredible knowledge about beauty... Inside and outside beauty. I left feeling empowered, nurtured... and beautiful!"
~ Karen Taylor- Good ~ Author and Positive Music Performer

"Singer, songwriter and beauty expert extraordinaire, Riqué delivers an upbeat presentation that truly speaks to the heart. Riqué seamlessly combines his music with a message that will dissipate the traditional definition of beauty. Riqué helps to bring our inner beauty out with confidence and simple make-up technique. Those attending this seminar will leave feeling uplifted and empowered!"
~ Dodi Pritchett ~ Unity Music Director

"I received the unexpected gift of Simplified Beauty on January 19, 2010 in Orlando , Florida . While at a gathering of musicians, I decided to attend this workshop by virtue of its title alone – not knowing the content. As an ordained minister seeking to augment the experience of the divine idea of beauty in my ministry, I was a bit surprised when Rique began speaking about hair and make up. I actually wondered if I was in the right place, but decided to see how the program unfolded. And it unfolded as beautifully as a lotus opens. By drawing upon his wealth of experience in the hair and make up profession and marrying it the messages found in positive music, he masterfully created an experience in which all participants realized their own simple beauty. Additionally, each participant came away from the workshop inspired and empowered to see and celebrate the simple beauty in others.

I shared with Riqué my observation that this workshop could prove to be a boon to stylists and salon owners. My own family is involved in the beauty business, and I recognize that as individual stylists accept their own simple beauty they can support their clients in the same. And as we all know, a happy client is a repeat client and a repeat client is your best advertising. To close… Beauty Simplified is profit amplified."

~ Rev. Russell Heiland ~Unity Minister



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